Certified Public Library

The Library is open 6 days a week, 43 hours a week and was certified at the highest level and is one of 168 certified libraries in the State of Iowa.

The Library has a large selection of adult fiction books and based on circulation and survey results, this is one of the more popular sections. The next most popular section would be the children's section, which contains a large amount of books, magazines, puppets, puzzles, tapes and book and tape combinations. The Library also provides a large quantity of videos for loan. They have over 700 videos and check out more than 16,000 per year. The Library's collection of books is over 15,000 and they currently subscribe to 70 periodicals and have over 950 audio selections. Their annual circulation is near 42,000. The per capita is 53.9.

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The West Bend Library has a meeting room available for public use and several local clubs and organizations use it on a regular basis. It is often used on a single use basis too, whether for hosting a shower or a congressional town meeting.

The West Bend Library has 6 stations that are linked with Internet services, and these have been available to the public for more than 3 1/2 years. The library currently has over 250 patrons with computer cards, and the number continues to grow.