Grotto of the Redemption

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Location: North end of Broadway Ave
Phone: 800-868-3641

West Bend is home of the Grotto of the Redemption, a vision of Father Paul Dobberstein of Rosenfeld, Germany. The largest man-made Grotto in the world, the Grotto is frequently called "the Eighth Wonder of the World". The Grotto stands as a testimony in stone, a treasured work of art. Each of the nine grottos contains a scene in the life of Christ hand-carved from Italian Carrara Marble. Covering a city block, the Grotto represents the largest collection of precious and semi-precious rocks, minerals, fossils and petrifactions concentrated in any one spot in the world.

Don't miss the Christmas Chapel, located in Sts. Peter and Paul Church next to the Grotto. Built in 1929, the Christmas Chapel contains rocks from every country and major river in the world and is famous for its 300 pound Amethyst adorning the manger of baby Jesus.

West Bend Iowa Grotto fountain

By working side by side with Father Dobberstein, Matt Szerensce and Father Louis Greving were able to continue Father Dobberstein's work after his death in 1954. This Geological wonder, started in 1912, is also listed on the National Register of Historical Places. The beauty of the Grotto attracts rock enthusiasts and people of all faiths every year.

Also located on the Grotto grounds are the Museum, with an exhibit of precious stones and minerals from around the world and early articles and photos of the building of the Grotto; a Gift Shop, open year-round; camping facilities, with 55 RV sites and 20 tent sites.

The Grotto is open year round with guided tours given seasonally. Please call or check our website for specific dates, times, and tour information. Groups are welcome; please ask us about our menu and catering options. Customized itineraries are available as well.

Come witness a "Miracle in Stone" and be inspired by this beautiful work of art!