City Clerk

Administration for the City of West Bend

The City Clerk’s office is the administration office for the City of West Bend and West Bend Municipal Utilities.

Contact the City Clerk if you have any questions or concerns.

Filing In File Cabinet

Role & Duties of the City Clerk

Woman at office desk working on her laptop.
  • Custodian of City Records and Proceedings
  • Monitors, Directs and Evaluates Financial Operations of City/Utilities
  • Human Resources
  • Implements and Enforces City Code and Rules
  • Files and/or Assists with the Preparation of City and Utility Reports
  • Performs Managerial Duties
  • Supervises Staff
  • Receives and Investigates Citizen Complaints
  • Prioritizes, Plans and Schedules Projects and Maintenance Activities
  • Represents the City for Purposes of Economic Development