Police Department

Police Services

Phone: (515) 887-7000

The West Bend Police Department employs one full-time Police Chief and one part-time police officer. West Bend prides itself in having 24 hour police protection for our citizens and many are businesses, making it a much safer community to live in.

Police Officer Giving Child Stuffed Animal

Volunteer Ambulance Crew

Paramedics helping boy with mother watching

The Volunteer Ambulance Crew is also an important asset to West Bend. They offer a 24 hour, full-time transport service, and also Advanced Life Support. The crew consists of 21 members; 5 EMT-I's, 11 EMT-B's, 1 First Responder and 4 drivers that are certified in CPR. We again are fortunate to have such longevity in this crew with over 128 years of combined experience. It says a great deal for such a small town to have so many caring individuals who put a lot of time and dedication into our community.