Mayor Kim’s Corner

Golf Cart Regulations, Community Support, and New Businesses in Town!

Hello again from Mayor Kim Johnson.

My March article started bragging about the weather and then we got snow so I’m a bit hesitant to comment on the spring weather but I’m hoping for more warm sunshine, lower wind velocity and a safe planting season for our farmers.

With the warmer weather, more golf carts are seen around town.

I wanted to remind you of our city regulations for these carts.  More detailed information can be found in Chapter 77 within the Code of Ordinances on our website.   The following is required: a yearly paid permit, a driver who is at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license, a slow moving vehicle sign, and safety flag.  Carts are only to be driven on our city streets from sunrise to sunset.  Also please adhere to safety by only having the number of passengers that is intended with all passengers seated safely.  If you have a child who needs some type of safety seat, this also would be applicable to a golf cart.  Passengers should not be standing up on the back of carts.  We continue to promote a safe community so please follow this ordinance.

These last few weeks have brought such joy to my mayoral heart!

Experiencing the outpour of community support and business support from Country Maid for 2 of their employees, Jeremy and Dani Quinn was so heart warming.  This was the first time I had been in the office of Country Maid and was so impressed with the décor!  If anyone knows me, I love décor.  As you saw in the paper last week, I had the pleasure of signing a proclamation for Week of the Young Child.  I went into the preschool classroom, read a ‘home made’ mayor book and then had the preschool children decide if they would want to be mayor when they grew up.  The morning class is our best bet and the majority of the children voted ‘yes’.  The afternoon kids were not as excited to this idea because they have dreams to be a soldier, farmer and teacher.  The concept of being able to do both was a little high for them at this time in life!

I was also honored to be able to meet Dusty Schneider, the new business owner of ‘Sip Shop’ which is in The Village Flowers & Gifts shop.

This was her opening day and so many friends and people came to show their support. This Italian soda shop was inspired by a trip she had to Colorado. Dusty said Italian soda shops are very popular in Utah and Arizona which means we are lucky she brought this creative business to our small town in Iowa. It’s kind of a ‘family affair’ opening because her older brother loaned her the money to start this dream of hers.  That brought a smile to Mama Briann as Dusty shared this when I asked how she was able to fund her newest adventure. I had never had this type of beverage, but Dusty whipped one up for me and it was delicious!  Please stop in and support our young entrepreneur.

There will be another fundraiser for the Splash Pad on Saturday, April 12.

Watch for advertising around town, Facebook and our community sign. I know this small hard-working committee REALLY appreciates your continued support as they work to pay off this awesome addition to our choices of summer fun.  Please be assured that there is no cost for this column. We are very fortunate to still have an actual newspaper that serves our community.  Feel free to contact me at any time at my email ( or you can reach me by phone at 320-241-4770.